The Tall Tale

**ONLY Available on Weekdays **

Approx 30 Minute Session
Limited Locations
10 High Resolution Images
Online Gallery
Option to Purchase Additional Images


The Legend

Approx 1 Hour Session
30 High Resolution Images
Online Gallery
Styling Consultation
Wardrobe Change (if desired)
Option to Purchase Additional Images


The Storyteller

Approx 1-1.5 Hour Session
60+ Images
Online Gallery
Styling Consultation
2 Wardrobe Changes (if desired)



How quickly will I receive my gallery?

My goal is to get the gallery to you in two weeks. It can however, take up to three.

Do I receive the RAW files?

No you will not receive RAW files. RAW, or straight-out-of-camera images, look unfinished and don't represent my work or skillset. I've dedicated time and finances into learning how to turn these basic and unfinished images into art.

What should we wear?

I will send you a style guide and it will help you get a general idea of colors and textures. I strongly encourage you to talk with me and allow me to help you with wardrobe. No extra fee - Wardrobe can make a session go from good to amazing and I want that for you.

What happens if we get rained out?

I watch the weather VERY closely in the days leading up to your session . I will be in communication with you if weather is not looking good. I generally will not reschedule for bad weather predictions until the morning of - as we know Georgia weather. In the event we need to move the date it will work a lot like the initial booking - compare available dates between us and make it happen!

What if I want to print my photos?

You've already invested finances and time into this session. While I strongly recommend to PRINT YOUR PICTURES, I also strongly recommend to USE A PROFESSIONAL LAB. There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect tones and colors in your images. A cheap lab can destroy that and you will be unhappy in the end. This is most definitely not the area to take the cheap route.

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